Petromarkers, Inc. is a privately owned independent analytical laboratory offering a comprehensive, cost effective high quality analyses to the petroleum industry within the fields of Petroleum and Organic Geochemistry using analytical techniques as TOC, RE-Py, GC-FID/FPD/TCD, GC/MS, GC/MS/MS, HPLC/RI/UV, XRD, XRF, AAS, ICP, ICP-MS, Electronic Microscopy.

More specifically, Petromarkers, Inc. offers a wide range of analysis for source rock (TOC, Pyrolysis Rock Eval, Vitrinite Reflectance); and crude oils, bituminous extract of source rocks, seeps, and other related matrices as SARA fractionation, WOGC, GC/FID and GC/MS for C15+ saturate and aromatic fractions (Biomarkers), High molecular weight hydrocarbons by HTGC, and Diamondoids by GC/MS in order to identify source, depositional paleoenvironment, maturity, biodegradation, and migration.

Petromarkers, Inc. can provide the following analytical services:

  • Rock, Seep, Crude Oil Sample preparation
  • Sample washing and cleanup to remove Oil or Water Based Muds
  • Rock Eval and TOC analysis
  • Solvent Extraction (Soxtec, Sohxlet, or sonication extraction)
  • S.A.R.A. fractionation (HPLC, LC or Iatroscan)
  • Molecular Sieve for branch/cyclic isolation (Biomarkers) in saturate fraction
  • n-Alkane removal from molecular sieve after branch/cyclic isolation
  • Saturate and Aromatic Gas Chromatography/FID
  • C1-C6+ GC/FID/TCD Analysis
  • Whole Oil Gas Chromatography (WOGC)
  • Saturates and Aromatics by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
  • GC/MS in Full Scan or SIM modes
  • GC/MS/MS
  • High Resolution GC/MS/MS
  • Oil-Oil, Oil-Rock correlations
  • High Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons by HTGC
  • Diamondoids by SIM-GC/MS
  • Physicochemical and Bulk Properties for Crude Oils by ASTM Methods